Improve Website Traffic by Increasing Your Crawl Rate

You'd have to be living under a rock in order to miss the importance of Google for delivering free traffic to your website time and time again. Google is a fickle beast sometimes but another way to consistently generate an even greater amount of traffic, at no cost to you, is by improving the rate at which your site is crawled by the search engine giant. Some sites are crawled daily while others can go weeks at a time without a visit from these helpful bots. No matter what other methods you use to increase traffic to your site, increasing your site's crawl rate needs to be a priority for you.

Sitemaps are key tools to use for your site today.

If your site doesn't have one then you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Google as well as the other major search engines uses sitemaps to navigate around your site and fine new material; if you don't have a sitemap they have no idea where to look for the new stuff. WordPress users can appreciate the simplicity of the plugin called "Google XML Sitemaps" that builds the sitemap for you so you don't have to do anything extra. If you want increased traffic without spending a pile of money to get it, you can't afford to miss out on the potential benefits that sitemaps have to offer.

Don't turn to the dark side and engage in blackhat methods for search engine optimization. End of story. It really never pays to go blackhat and try to get one over on Google when there are so many effective and honest methods out there that work even better. The results from blackhat marketing efforts are temporary at best and may only serve to lead the search engines to shun your sites (all of them) in the future. You might gain temporary benefits by using blackhat methods on your site, but eventually, they won't help you build sustainable traffic. In the end, crawl rates will be extremely slow because these tactics are not appealing to search engines. Google particularly hates common tactics like keyword stuffing, using doorway pages, and adding invisible text to sites that are generally considered blackhat. If you really want to boost the crawl rates for your site you don't need blackhat strategies to follow; just work to practice proper SEO and give your audience what they want - good quality information.

The most basic thing to do when trying to enhance your site's crawl rate is to submit your website's URL to Google. This step is so simple that it is often overlooked. You can also submit your site's Url to other major search engines for added exposure. A correct header response from the server is the only other thing you'll want to be sure about along this line. Adding a steady stream of new content to your site is another way to really improve page rank and attract those search engine spiders. Increasing your overall traffic will be a simple matter once you develop a habit of following all the steps above. It isn't hard at all to follow these great tips once you get started.

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